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Nadhem Al Ghazali

Nadhem Al Ghazali had a very unique style and in some ways he broke away from the traditional Maqam singing of Iraq although he did sing Maqam music. He presented a unique style and lovely performance accompanied with his personality that made him so popular with many generations to come. His songs are regularly played even today by young musicians and artist.

He was married to an Iraqi Jewish singer Salima Murad and they even sang together. The collection of his songs on this page were from a private song ollection, some of which were never heard before.
1 - Maqam Bherzawi - Wen Althe lil shamil
1 - Song - Almani almani almani
2 - Maqam Hakimi - Ya Sahibi
2 - Rikbaniya - Ya Dar Jet
2 - Song - Anna El-Msechena
3 - Maqam Madmi - El-Rooh Chef Esbarit
3 - Song - Ween Irhalaw
4 - Maqam Sabba - La Ta3tholeehi
4 - Song - Ween Alke El Tha3 Mini
Abuthiya and Song Yam El 3eon El Sood
Ahibbak Wala Areed Ansaak
Ahla El Aghani
Ajibto Li Sa3ee
Gazally and Salima in Ibnaya Ya Ibnaya and Yam El 3eon El Sood
Goly Ya Hillo mneen Alah Chabak
Maqam Hakimi and Song Ya Khsoof Al Ola
Maqam Khlwati and Song Marao Alaa El Hilween
Maqam Oshar and Song - Bil Hajir Lel Nhar
Marida Marida El Ghaloubi
Marra Agool El Toba
Mayhana Mayhana
Tal'a Min Beet Abuha
Ya Rahib Al Dayr
Yabn El Hamoula

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